Dress Code


Dress code is often subjective. Parents and students, please do your best to keep dress code from becoming an issue. We believe that students can meet the following guidelines in clothes they already own and like.


Come to school dressed ready to work, learn, and glorify God. If your clothing meets the following three requirements, you will do very well with our dress code:

- Comfortable

Clothing should be appropriate size and generally somewhat loose fitting.

Clothing should be clean and well maintained (not torn).

Clothing should cover your shoulders and be appropriate length.
- Shorts for boys and girls need to be fingertip length.
- Leggings can be worn by girls IF their shirt covers their backside at all times.
- No bike shorts or Swim Trunks can be worn.

Dress for the weather. Layers including sweatshirts or sweaters are a good idea so you can adjust to changing temperatures.

Footwear should be comfortable and should have a back. If needed for PE, you should wear or bring athletic shoes.


- Casual


Khakis, joggers, and jeans are permitted.

Appropriate length cargo or khaki shorts are permitted.

You are also permitted to dress up for special occasions, and there will be special dress up and spirit days.

Sweatpants with NO messages on the backside are permitted.

- Conducive to learning


Clothing should be generally simple and noncontroversial.

Clothing should not promote musical groups, shows, political slogans, or other contentious messages.

It is a good idea to have extra clothing available for athletics, work activities, or outdoor activities.

Hair should be clean and well kept, and for boys a reasonable length. Hats may be worn to school but not in class.

Piercings should be kept to a minimum, and you may be asked to conceal them, along with any tattoos. For any nose or body piercings, wear small studs instead of rings or hoops.